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The Male Sexual Organ

March 19, 2016

The male sexual organ also happens to be part of the male reproductive system because it sort of acts as the delivery system for the sperm that fertilizes the egg of the female.  The male sexual organ when viewed from the outside, you will see the penis and the testes which is covered sac-like skin called the scrotum.  The penis is the primary sexual organ as it used for vaginal penetration and the testes is the primary reproductive organ where sperm and testosterone are produced.

The penis can both expand and contract.  This is because it is made from soft and spongy tissue.  When men become sexually stimulated, their penis becomes hard and erect because blood is being pumped inside two cavities of the penis called corpora cavernosum.  The erect state of the penis is necessary for vaginal penetration which is important in sexual intercourse.  Without an erection, the penis will not be able to break through the opening of the vagina. Click to continue…