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Diflucan Over the Counter – an Effective Antifungal Medicine

April 25, 2016

Bacterial and viral infections can tend to be very troublesome for us, but did you know that there are many ailments caused by fungal infections which could prove to be quite troublesome too if not treated immediately?  Thankfully, there are many antifungal medications out there, and one of them is Diflucan over the counter drugs.

Diflucan over the counter medication is a type of antifungal, which means it acts upon organisms that are of fungal composition.  Diflucan over the counter drugs can be given to affected patients either orally (by mouth) or intravenously (via the vein).

Diflucan over the counter medicine is utilized to help treat a wide variety of fungal infections, most especially Candida-based infections localized in the throat, mouth, bloodstream, and even the vaginal area in women (specifically referred to as yeast infections).  Diflucan over the counter medicine is also useful for the prevention of infections in individuals with weakened immune systems, such as those who developed neutropenia as a result of cancer chemotherapy, premature infants, and also patients who have underwent some kind of transplant procedure.

Diflucan over the counter drugs are cleverly designed to mainly interfere with the synthesis or creation of the membrane of fungal cells, thus stopping them from further thriving within or on the surface of the body.

What makes Diflucan over the counter very effective as an antifungal drug is because it can be entirely absorbed in the body within 2 hours after intake.

If your doctor has prescribed you to take Diflucan, make sure that you take this with or without food and never go beyond your prescribed dose each day.  Should the liquid suspension type be prescribed for use, make sure to shake the container well before taking your dose. Also, be careful in measuring the dose and use a special measuring spoon or scoop.  Never use a normal household spoon because you may end up taking an incorrect dose.

Diflucan is known to work best when the amount of it in the body is constantly kept at an adequate level. Thus, make sure to take it at almost the same time per day as directed by your doctor.  Ensure that you take Diflucan up until you have finished the prescribed course, even if you find yourself getting better already within a couple of days.  The reason for this is that if you stop taking Diflucan too early (as soon as you feel better), the weakened fungus that remains may continue to grow inside, thereby resulting in the return of the same infection.

Diflucan over the counter medicine is mainly sold in Canada as a single 150mg dose under the brand names Canesten and Monistat/Monicure.  In Mexico, Diflucan over the counter brands are Dofil, Afungil, or Alfumet.  In India, the Diflucan over the counter brand is known as Zocon. In Colombia, Diflucan over the counter is sold by the name Baten.  In the Persian Gulf area, it is sold in the market via the brand name Candivast.  In Egypt as well as the rest of the world, they are available as Flucoral, Triconal, Fungican, and Diflucan over the counter.