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Sex and Celebrex – Are there any Side Effects to Using this Drug?

May 20, 2016

Celebrex is one of the most effective pain control medication that can help treat moderate to serious pain issues.  If regular pain meds do not work on a pain issue that you are experiencing, then Celebrex anti-pain medication may be able to assist you with such.  Celebrex is classified as an NSAID medication, but has been designed to be safe and stomach friendly.  Celebrex is not a pain medication you should use and abuse without the necessary instruction from your doctor.  Those who suffer from serious chronic or intermittent pains are given Celebrex as a means of pain control.

The use of Celebrex is not without any side effects as there are a variety of reactions different individuals encounter with Celebrex use.  One of the more common issues is sex and Celebrex as different users of the drug encounter different effects, wherein which sex and Celebrex usage side effect is not particular.  One thing that people will think with sex and Celebrex use is that the pain-killing effect of Celebrex may drown away the sensation felt during sexual intercourse.  While there are others who claim that their sexual performance have been enhanced and that it felt really good, thus improving their sex life, there are others who, on the other hand, claim that they experience issues with their male erection.

In the sex and Celebrex issue, erectile dysfunction-related side effects have not really been a documented problem.  If ever this issue does occur with some men, the development may either be isolated or remote issues that rarely occurs or experienced by the majority of Celebrex users.  Nevertheless, sex and Celebrex is not an issue that should be ignored so if you encounter this problem when using Celebrex as treatment for your pain issues, it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider.

Whether it is sex and Celebrex or other issues involving the use of this highly effective pain remedy, if you encounter any adverse side effects that are alarming, do not fail to consult your issue or experience with your doctor. Even if your case is commonly occurring among Celebrex users, or that it may actually be an isolated issue that is unique to you, whenever you encounter anything different with prescribed drug use, always consult your doctor regarding the reaction you have experienced.  Your doctor will then choose whether to change your pain medication, or simply lower or increase your Celebrex dosage as deemed necessary by your doctor.

Issues involving sex and Celebrex usage have always been a concern for some.  Whether it is the lack of sexual sensitivity, the lack of erectile function, sexual dysfunction, or the opposite of what has been mentioned, the issue of sex and Celebrex use will always be one that will be in the minds of those who are not aware or knowledgeable over the effects that this pain treatment drug can do.  If the resulting issue is a positive one, then good for you; if it is a bad one, try to seek the advice of your doctor to see if your issue or situation can be remedied.