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The Male Sexual Organ

March 19, 2016

The male sexual organ also happens to be part of the male reproductive system because it sort of acts as the delivery system for the sperm that fertilizes the egg of the female.  The male sexual organ when viewed from the outside, you will see the penis and the testes which is covered sac-like skin called the scrotum.  The penis is the primary sexual organ as it used for vaginal penetration and the testes is the primary reproductive organ where sperm and testosterone are produced.

The penis can both expand and contract.  This is because it is made from soft and spongy tissue.  When men become sexually stimulated, their penis becomes hard and erect because blood is being pumped inside two cavities of the penis called corpora cavernosum.  The erect state of the penis is necessary for vaginal penetration which is important in sexual intercourse.  Without an erection, the penis will not be able to break through the opening of the vagina.

The sperm cell is the male gamete essential for fertilization.  Even though it is said as essential, it does not mean it is rare as the testes produces millions of sperm cells per hour.  The testosterone produced by the testicles on the other hand gives man his sexual characteristic such as facial hair, bulging muscles, deep voice, and libido.

As mentioned earlier, the testes are enveloped in a sac-like skin called the scrotum.  The scrotum’s main purpose is not just the protection of its important package, the testicles, but also the regulation of temperature for the testicles.  This is because sperm will only survive at a temperature 2° cooler than that of normal body temperature.

Sperm cells take up to 6 weeks to mature and this maturity occurs as they travel through the epididymis tubule.  The sperm look somewhat like tadpoles in appearance as their motility is propelled by their tails.  However, it is the head that contains the genetic material and the tail is casted off as soon as a lucky sperm reaches and fertilizes an egg.

Sperm Delivery

Amidst sexual intercourse, when a man reaches climax and starts to ejaculate, mature sperms are propelled from the epididymis towards the vas deferens and urethra and out of the urethral orifice.  The ejection of sperm is mixed with fluid called semen.  This semen provides an environment in which the sperm can swim when it is outside of our body.  It also provides the sperm with the nutrients it needs while protecting the sperm from the acids of the female’s sexual tube.

Ejaculation is the term they use when the sperm passes through the urethra and exiting through the urethral opening.  The amount of semen that exits the body is usually around a teaspoonful.  Within this teaspoonful of semen, only 1% of it is sperm.

An additional organ used prior to ejaculation is the Cowper’s gland or bulbourethral gland.  This gland secretes a small amount of fluid which greatly helps in neutralizing any trace of urine left in the urethra.  Some specialists believe that one of its purposes is to also lubricate the penis and the vaginal tract.