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The Two Types of Finasteride Dosage

March 2, 2016

Finasteride is a drug that was originally developed to help men fight against benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is basically an abnormal enlargement of the prostate.  Although the condition is not necessarily malignant, it does however create discomfort to those who have the disorder.  The original finasteride dosage was 5mg.  This finasteride dosage was given to participants during the testing of the drug.  Those who took part in the clinical testing reported having encountered a side effect.  However, instead of a negative type of consequences from using the 5mg finasteride dosage given to them, they reported of one that is more positive than negative.  The side effect certain participants got from using the 5mg finasteride dosage was the improvement in the hair loss status of those who had male pattern baldness.

The cure for hair loss has always been beyond reach.  After all, there is really no cure for this particular condition, but simply more of like a treatment.  In treating hair loss, a 1mg finasteride dosage is used instead of the 5mg finasteride dosage.  The creators of the drug took notice of the reports given during the drug’s testing phase which is why they did their research not only to learn what is in their drug that contributes to such hair loss treatment, but also to determine the proper finasteride dosage needed for treating this particular condition.

Merck, the giant pharmaceutical company responsible for the creation of finasteride found out that they did not need to revise the overall formulation of the drug.  Basically, what the researchers just needed is identifying the right finasteride dosage when treating androgenic alopecia using the finasteride drug they have developed.  Using their brand names, the 5mg finasteride dosage for prostate enlargement treatment is called Proscar.  On the other hand, the 1mg finasteride dosage used for remedying genetic hair loss issues is called Propecia.

If you have either of the two condition that finasteride can treat, it is recommended that you use the right finasteride dosage for the condition that you have.  This is because if you do not use the recommended dosage for your ailment, there is a distinct possibility that using too little will hardy do the treatment effect you are trying to achieve.  Or, if your finasteride dosage is more than what is necessary for the ailment you are treating, not only does this risk you the possibility of overdose, but also the wastage of money since the excess does not go to what you are trying to treat.

The two finasteride dosage are beneficial for the ailments that they have been intended to treat; provided of course you have a good understanding over the difference and how each finasteride dosage is catered to a particular condition.  These days, if you want to buy finasteride, you can buy the hair loss treatment drug from your local pharmacy or you can also buy it online.  Truth be told, most men who use finasteride buy their finasteride meds online due to the great savings they get when buying their finasteride drug online.